Puzzle Nuts HD game with beautiful new ultra HD graphics, addictive gameplay and pleasant music in the style of play of thought for the Android operating system that is designed and built based on physics. In this game, you have to collect all the nuts of different stages so that you can win in each stage and pass each level and climb to higher levels.

There are various machines such as barrels, fans and wheels that you can use to earn points and make every effort to collect 3 stars in each level. A variety of 3D models and animations, enjoyable music and great graphics all go hand in hand to bring the best puzzle and thrilling game experience to your Android phone.

Some features of Puzzle Nuts HD Android game:

* Having 48 challenging and varied stages

* Unlock each level according to the laws of physics

* Sort nuts by type in each cart

* Collect all the stars in the game

* Amazing graphics with 3D animations

* Play music while playing to increase excitement

* Can be installed and run on Android phones and tablets

If you want to bring the experience of a pleasant and popular intellectual game in your Android mobile phone, Usroid offers you a very beautiful Puzzle Nuts HD game that you can download the final version for free with one click. …


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