Pyro Jump is a very beautiful and entertaining game in the style of action games of the jump type for the famous Android operating system, the first version of which was made available to users for free in the Android Market hours ago. In this game you have to control and direct the main character of the game, the follower; A small flame that is burning! In this game you have to jump fast from different wheels to other wheels! The story of the game from the designer and Google Play is that the follower is burning because he loves the princess of the game and you must save him!

In this game, you have to collect all the flames in each level and try to unlock different items and bonus levels. Controlling the main character of the game by the player requires special skills and by installing this game on your mobile or tablet, you can bring the best game experience !

Some features of Pyro Jump Android game:

* Includes more than 80 very challenging and varied stages

* Play and advance levels in 4 different and unique worlds

* Challenges developed with gold timer to unlock by player

* Includes 20 bonus levels to unlock by you and the player

* Having excellent HD graphics compared to its very small size

* Ability to connect to Google Play to compete for +25 achievement

The new Pyro Jump game currently has a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 on Google Play , which we provide to you today in Usroid, the first version of which has a direct link, and we hope you enjoy it.

Changes in version v1.1.10:

* Fixed game problems and improved graphics


Download Pyro Jump Full - a fun Android follower jump game (full)




Download Pyro Jump Android Apk Game - NEW FREE


Download Pyro Jump Android Apk Game - NEW FREE