qmb – with Gharz al-Hasna Mehr Bank of IranAnother service is Gharz al-Hasna Mehr Bank of Iran, which allows its customers to easily meet their needs at any time and place and gain a new experience in the electronic banking system. Various capabilities can be seen in the list of services of this startup, among which we can mention card and deposit account management tools. Check the balance of your bank card or account at any time of the day and night, and if you see any discrepancies, see the records of the latest transactions. If you transfer different amounts to some people during the day, all you have to do is save them as contacts in the list of this software to solve your needs quickly and with just one touch. View reports of facilities received and pay their installments without the need to go to the bank and be sure that everything is done in the last possible security.

Some features and capabilities of qmb Android application:

  • View the balance of cards and accounts of Gharz al-Hasna Mehr Bank of Iran
  • Ability to access the latest records of transactions performed
  • Pay bills through the account with just a simple touch
  • Transfer money from your card to other accounts or cards of Gharz al-Hasna Mehr Bank of Iran
  • Ability to transfer money in an identifiable or reliable manner
  • Map of branches and nearest ATMs of this bank
  • Manage checks in the simplest possible way
  • Management and payment of facility installments received
  • open an account

Qmb application with the support of its various capabilities has so far been able to meet many of the needs of the bank’s customers in absentia and now you can download the latest version of this mobile bank with full features from Usroid website , you can get the latest version of this Download Hamrah Bank with one click from Usroid high-speed servers or download the same software by visiting the bank, and there is no difference between our version and the bank.

Version v8.0 changes:

* For this version of the program, no changes have been mentioned by the developer site.