QR & Barcode Reader (Pro) v2.7.7-P – Barcode scanner application, fast and full- featured Android,
professional version and purchased for $ 1.99, presented to you
for the first time in Iran

As we have mentioned many times in different posts, barcode scanners can be considered as one of the best tools available in the field of obtaining information about different products, different physical and software versions of which are at the level of There are different markets or markets. Each of these barcode readers has a common feature, but others have special features. QR & Barcode Reader (Pro) is a fast barcode scanner developed by TeaCapps for Android devices.Developed and published on Google Play. This program enables anyone to extract information from different types of barcodes, including QR barcodes, in just a few seconds and access them. Any information contained in the scanned barcodes can be identified and displayed and you can share them with your other friends. Any type of barcode with a specific format is identified by this program and there are no restrictions on its use to the extent that you will even be able to convert your information into specific barcodes. In addition, the development team respects the privacy of users and uses the least possible permissions to operate the program.

Some features and capabilities of QR & Barcode Reader (Pro) Android application:

  • Super system for scanning local images
  • Quickly and promptly identify barcodes and display information in them
  • Light switch mode for scanning in dark environments
  • Get a copy of your scan history in an Excel file
  • Use only a few minor permissions
  • Supports a variety of different and specific barcode formats

App QR & Barcode Reader (Pro) has managed to be one of the best software to scan Qiu RSS barcodes with $ 1.99 to 4.8 points from 5.0 in a short time by users, Google acquired can now Most Download the purchased version from the popular Usroid site.


QR & Barcode Reader