QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro – FastQR v1.9 – Quick and easy Android barcode scanner app
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If you look at the packaging of any kind of equipment or food, you can undoubtedly find a barcode on them; Barcodes are perhaps the simplest explanation of an ID for anything that contains a set of information. In the past, most barcodes were rectangular, consisting of several parallel lines, but over time, as barcodes increased, they were no longer able to store large amounts of information, and were replaced by QR codes with their own capabilities; The emergence of such barcodes, of course, led to the creation of special programs to scan them. QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro – FastQRTitle is a simple and efficient application for scanning all kinds of barcodes for Android, which was developed by AGLabs and published in the big Google Play Market. As the title suggests, one of the biggest features of this software compared to other similar apps is its high speed in scanning codes; Just hold the camera on the barcode and get the result in just a few seconds. All scanned barcodes are stored in the memory of this software after displaying the result so that you can access their history in the future. It is better not to miss this application ” Scanner and Barcode Reader ” and follow us to get it.

Some features and capabilities of QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro – FastQR Android:

  • Ultra-fast and intelligent scanning of barcodes
  • Support for all types of barcodes, especially QR codes
  • Display different content of codes such as contact number, email, address and…
  • Ability to store the content of each scanned code
  • Access a history of scanned code
  • Very stylish and beautiful user interface

App QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro – FastQR to benefit from the features and capabilities that variety has managed to be one of the fastest app for scanning barcodes $ 0.99 Self- rating: 5.0 of 5.0 achieved which can now Most Download the purchased version from Usroid site.

Version v1.9 changes:

* Program fixes + new features


QR Code & Barcode Scanner Pro - FastQR