QR Code & Barcode Scanner Gold v8.0.0 by Detective st – Professional and Fast Barcode Reader Android Application
The purchased and complete version of the program is offered to you dear ones at a price of $1.49

Barcodes play an important role in our lives as humans. These regular lines allow us to quickly access a set of information and meet any of our needs. As you know, barcodes also have several formats, each of which is designed for specific purposes. One of the most popular and widely used barcodes is QR codes! These types of barcodes have been very common in recent years and are used in various fields. There are several different methods for viewing barcode information; one of the most common is using barcode readers, which are usually seen in large retail centers and are not suitable for everyday use. For this reason, we need to use another method to read barcodes! Using barcode scanner start-up apps is one of the best and most cost-effective methods, which quickly meets our needs and helps us access a specific set of information. QR Code & Barcode Scanner Gold is the title of a professional and fast barcode scanner application developed by Detective Studio and published on Google Play. This software meets any expectation that one can have from a barcode scanner. To scan your barcodes, simply install and run the app, point the camera at the barcodes, and scan them in a short time. One of the most important features of this amazing software is its support for various types of information available in barcodes, displaying any type of text, link, or even image! The developer has tried to support a wide range of barcode types under this software so that users do not need other peripheral tools and scanners when scanning different barcodes.

Some features and capabilities of the QR Code & Barcode Scanner Gold Android app:

  • Scanning various barcode types used worldwide
  • Special support for QR barcodes
  • Ability to display various information stored in barcodes
  • Possibility of converting your desired information into a barcode
  • Displaying information in barcodes such as phone numbers, addresses, links, and more
  • Dark mode to protect your eyes from blue light
  • Using the app in multi-window mode!

The QR Code & Barcode Scanner Gold app, with its special features and capabilities, has been published on Google Play by its developer for $1.49 and has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 from users. You can now purchase the latest version of the app from the high-speed links on the Usroid website.


QR Code & Barcode Scanner Gold