Quantool: html-parser & website monitor with alert v1.4.3 – application for analyzing and receiving specific information of websites for Android!
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Quantool:html-parser & website monitor with alertTitle is an application for receiving specific information of websites and their professional analysis, which was developed by KriopeG and published on Google Play. All the websites that we visit on a daily basis and use their services have different templates or a special CMS! If you are also a web designer or programming enthusiast, sometimes this information may be valuable to you. However, accessing such information is not an easy task and you should be able to analyze and analyze the site with a special tool. In addition, how the information is displayed after analysis is also very important and should be such that it can be easily understood. However, in the Android operating system, there are softwares that can help their users in this field and meet their needs. Quantool: html-parser & website monitor with alert is undoubtedly one of the most powerful programs in this field. This software has a simple environment and allows its users to access a set of options that allow you to scan your favorite websites and receive the results of the analysis in the form of textual information. However, you should know that understanding this information requires sufficient knowledge in certain areas. The analysis speed is very fast and the information is displayed in the shortest possible time. Another available feature that ordinary users can take advantage of is the website monitoring system. With the help of this feature, you will be able to monitor a specific website to be notified of these changes immediately if a product is available or the price changes. In addition, the available options are designed in such a way that they can be used in addition to normal sites in personal social network accounts.

Some features and capabilities of Quantool program: html-parser & website monitor with Android alert:

  • Analyze the information of various websites with just one hint
  • Select an intuitive element for simple templates in css mode parser
  • Save the results of all analyzes in txt format
  • Intelligent and advanced website monitoring system
  • Several different widgets for quick access to all features
  • Preset templates for some popular social networks
  • Create your own custom templates for specific websites

Application Quantool: html-parser & website monitor with alert to take advantage of the features and functionality variety of it by your developer for free with in-network $ 1.49 has been released, can now use the newest version of its professional and Download for free from the high-speed servers of Usroid website .


Quantool:html-parser & website monitor with alert