Quick Check for RottenSys, AsiaHitGroup, APT-C-23 v1.3.2 – Android malware scanning and identification application
The original and complete version of the program with thousands of downloads from around the world

Privacy is one of the topics that all users pay special attention to and try to avoid any problems while maintaining it. So far, thousands of softwares have been released in this field, each of which has tried to attract more users by offering special features. But one of the biggest problems with these programs is that they are not updated; It has been observed many times that new trojans have not been identified. Quick Check for RottenSys, AsiaHitGroup, APT-C-23 It’s the title of a great app for scanning and detecting malware on Android devices, developed by Fledgling Developers and released on the Google Play Store. The above software helps you to easily identify any type of malware easily and with great speed by establishing your access to a dedicated system. The set of malware that is supported by this startup is their published versions until the end of 2017, the most destructive of which are RottenSys, AsiaHitGroup and APT-C-23. Unlike other similar tools, after scanning, there is no excessive use of smartphone resources and the least possible pressure is applied to the device.

Some features and capabilities of Quick Check for RottenSys, AsiaHitGroup, APT-C-23 Android:

  • Quick and smart scan to find any kind of malware published by the end of 2017
  • Support for identifying the most malicious malware such as RottenSys, AsiaHitGroup and APT-C-23
  • Very easy to use environment for a hassle-free scan
  • Supports a variety of Android versions
  • Very low use of device resources such as RAM and CPU
  • No need to connect to the Internet and external servers

The Quick Check for RottenSys, AsiaHitGroup, APT-C-23 app, with support for a wide range of malware, has been able to download 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of downloads, the latest version of which can now be downloaded from Download Usroid website ; This program is introduced at your request.


Quick Check for RottenSys, AsiaHitGroup, APT-C-23