QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics Premium v3.9.0c – Application for displaying text music files of Android
Premium version with access to all features

Displaying the lyrics of the music being played can always make playing music more appealing, especially when you are practicing singing! Some Android players connect to the Internet by default during playback and display the text of the music, but most of them do not use this feature and you have to use additional programs to display the lyrics. QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics Premium is a powerful application for displaying the text of running music by QuickLyric SPRL for Android.It’s been published. You will have access to the text of the music at any time and in the simplest possible way, and you will see it on your smartphone screen with a simple touch. The above player program monitors your device and by making any song changes in the player, the new music text is detected and displayed automatically. One of the best features of QuickLyric is its support for offline mode, so that when you display the text of any music, you will be able to download the text so that it can be played offline at any time. In addition, if you are one of the Android developers, due to the open source nature of the program, you will be able to access its codes and add your specific capabilities to it.

Some features and capabilities of QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics Android application:

  • Quick access to the text of audio files with just the touch of an option
  • Very simple and smooth user interface and optimized display of texts
  • Offline access to lyrics by saving them in the first play
  • Automatic music detection
  • Supports over 15 different languages
  • Share the text of audio files with your friends via NFC

Application QuickLyric – Instant Lyrics for free with in-network $ 4.99 Play Store has been released and managed to score 4.3 from 5.0 won already the newest version Premium for free from Usroid Download Kurds.


QuickLyric - Instant Lyrics Premium