Quote to Inspire: Daily Positive Motivation Words v4.2.1 – Android motivational and inspirational speech application
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Quote to Inspire : Daily Positive Motivation WordsThe title is an motivational and inspiring Android speech application developed by Viyatek and published on Google Play. Throughout history, great scientists, philosophers and celebrities have lived and left us various achievements. Sometimes quotes from these great men are quoted that can change the course of our lives or prevent us from making any mistakes. The number of these great human beings is very large and it is difficult to find the names of all of them to find their words. Reading quotes from these people can help us stay motivated and achieve our goals. Quote to Inspire: Daily Positive Motivation Words software is a great way to access these quotes and sayings. The above program, with a huge database of these sentences, helps you to continue trying to achieve your goals and keep us motivated in this direction.

Display personal and purposeful motivational sentences in Quote to Inspire: Daily Positive Motivation Words

If you look at the Android Market, you will find a variety of software in this area, but these are the features that make the programs unique and popular! One of the features that can be considered as one of the reasons for the high popularity of Quote to Inspire: Daily Positive Motivation Words is providing completely targeted motivational sentences tailored to the user’s desires and mood. If we want to explain more simply; At the beginning of the installation, you will be asked a few questions, the answers to which will determine the type of sentences displayed. For every taste and need you instill, there are motivational words that seeing each of them can change anyone’s life.

Categorize all sentences into various groups

All motivational sentences and speeches are categorized into 72 different groups, which makes the process of finding and displaying them much easier. At the bottom of each sentence is the name of the speaker, which you can touch to access a comprehensive summary of the person’s biography. There are two different ways to search for sentences; One is search by category and the other is search by sentence name, each with its own advantages. In any case, the program development team has tried to select the best sentences from celebrities around the world and place them in a special category with great accuracy.

A variety of practical tools for personalizing the application

In addition to all the mentioned features, a set of special capabilities will be provided to you dear ones. These features help you to adjust the font and background of the images according to your wishes and moods. Another useful feature available is the ability to save or share these words as photos and posts! So that you will be able to easily change the fonts and background and finally save them in the form of text photos. The size of these photos is such that they can be shared on social networks without any restrictions. Mark your favorite motivational phrases and sayings so you have quick access to them if needed.

Some features and capabilities of Quote to Inspire: Daily Positive Motivation Words Android app:

  • A collection of motivational and inspiring speeches from all the celebrities of the world
  • Categorize all quotes in 72 different groups
  • Provide a summary of the biographies of all the celebrities whose speeches can be seen
  • Option to search the application based on various criteria
  • Basic program questionnaire to provide speeches tailored to your needs
  • Personalize the background of images or their fonts
  • Ability to save motivational sentences or share them with your friends
  • Adjust the amount of sentences displayed each day

Application Quote to Inspire: Daily Positive Motivation Words to benefit from the facilities and its own capabilities by Developer her for free with a paying interstitial 31.99 dollars reported and 4.8 points from 5.0 by users, has received already You can download the latest premium version from the direct links of Usroid website .


Quote to Inspire Daily Positive Motivation Words