QV – A puzzle action adventure v1.0.1 – “QV” puzzle and adventure game for Android
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QV – A puzzle action adventure – کیو وی: یک ماجراجویی اکشن-پازلی is a very attractive and well-made adventure puzzle game for the Android operating system, developed as a premium game for $4.99 and available for sale on Google Play. The game was created and published by the Korean studio izzle. This time, Usroid has obtained and introduced the latest version of this paid game to you, dear users, for the first time in Iran, as a free download from Usroid servers. You can enjoy this premium and well-made game without paying any fees. QV – A puzzle action adventure is a highly anticipated game, and its final and complete version was officially released for Android devices in the last days of 2020. QV was able to attract a lot of attention from the audience and review websites as soon as it was released and was able to receive very good ratings. Some of the most important critics who gave this title very high ratings are GodisaGeek and IGN. It should also be noted that this game was nominated and won various awards in 2020, such as 2020 BIC Festival Finalist of Excellence in Casual, 2020 Google Indie Game TOP 10, and Famitsu Cross Review The Hall of Silver.


QV - A puzzle action adventure


The game QV – A puzzle action adventure has interesting designs and is a very attractive combination of fantasy and abstract styles. The style and context of the game are entirely based on puzzle and mystery games, with an overall format of an interesting, simple, and lovable adventure. The main character of the game is a cute little girl who is wandering in a mythical and abstract world. The game developer did not provide any specific information about whether the game has a separate storyline or not, but it is clear that the content of this game is a puzzle and mystery adventure. Your task is to guide this little girl in this fantasy world and help her move to the next sections by solving the puzzles and puzzles of the game, which can be challenging and thoughtful in themselves. According to the izzle studio, in the QV – A puzzle action adventure game, you must pass puzzle and mystery levels in 172 general stages. Each stage of the game has 4 different parts, which only allow you to enter the next sections and stages if all of their puzzles are solved. The game is played from a third-person perspective, and you can move the game character on suspended platforms in this interesting and mythical world and get closer to the puzzles. The game’s puzzles mostly have similar mechanisms, but you may have to use a different solution to solve each of them. You can also choose different characters during the game and follow the game with new characters. To get more acquainted with the QV game, we recommend that you first watch its trailer video and then, if you wish, purchase and download its latest paid version for free from the Usroid download box.