Race Master 3D – Car Racing v3.0.8 + Mod – a fun and exciting racing game “Racing Master” for Android
Normal version + mod version (receive prizes without the need to view ads) separately
Tested with offline performance

Race Master 3D – Car Racing is a simple but at the same time very entertaining and special game from the popular and well-known studio SayGames, which produced popular titles such as Sand Balls  ,  Cannon Shot  ,  Perfect Slices  ,  Hoop Stars  ,  Desert Riders  , Rage Road and HellCopter, which like all other games made by this developer is offered for free but with in-app ads and purchases. This time, we decided to once again, as the first website in Iran, prepare another fun and attractive game for you dear ones and provide it to you for free. So join us to introduce another interesting and exciting game from SayGames studio. Race Master 3D – Car Racing is just like its name in the style of racing and car racing games. This game is made by a company that is known for making and publishing simple, small, fantasy and cartoon games, and Race Master 3D – Car Racing is no exception to this rule. This game has simple designs and not so complicated gameplay, but it is a very exciting and even challenging game.


Race Master 3D - Car Racing


In Race Master 3D – Car Racing, you go to a world of fantasy car racing and you go to strange maps and spaces that have unusual routes. The whole game is like any other car racing game and in all stages of this game your main goal should be just one thing and that is to reach the finish line as the first person. But what makes the racing master game different from similar fantasy and small games is the presence of various elements and challenges along the way. Of course, your first challenge is the opponents who have sports cars and travel at high speed. They hit you or other competitors when they feel threatened and make it hard to overtake. But perhaps the main challenge is the game of traps! Along the way, various and dangerous traps and obstacles will block your path, which you must pass by with a quick reaction. If you encounter these traps, which may be moving blades, fireballs or., Your car will be destroyed and you will be a few seconds behind the competitors. In addition, many parts of the route are such that if you get off the road, you will be thrown out and you will still fall behind the competitors. Race Master 3D – Car Racing gameplay is very simple and it is possible to do it just by holding a finger on the screen. There is no amount of acceleration, braking or the like, and you can move the car just by holding your finger and stop accelerating by releasing your finger. You can also swipe around to specify the direction of the car. With the money you earn during Race Master 3D – Car Racing, you can buy better cars or upgrade car parts. The game of the competition master is now available for free and tested in two versions, normal and mod, from Usroid direct links.

Note: In the mod version, you can receive special prizes without having to view the ads. In this version, in-game ads have also been removed. In order to avoid any disruption to the features of the mod version, run this version only offline.