Radarwarner Pro. Blitzer DE v6.66 – Camera radar application for recording road violations on Android.
Purchased and complete version for $ 5.49.

As you are aware, the Traffic Department uses tangible and intangible patrols as well as violation cameras to maintain road safety and also to prevent accidents on all roads in the country every day; To fine off offending drivers and prevent them from driving dangerously to minimize the number of road accidents. But sometimes these cameras are installed on very deserted roads or out of sight routes that easily penalize drivers! Therefore, to deal with this problem, we want to introduce you to an application software. Radarwarner Pro. Blitzer DEIs the title of a road violation camera radar application developed by Iteration Mobile & Vialsoft Apps and published on Google Play. Join millions of drivers around the world by installing this app and get instant location of speed cameras. With the help of an intelligent system, this software helps drivers to slow down quickly and never be fined if they approach the violation recording cameras. As we mentioned, a large part of the startup’s information is updated by other drivers, which significantly increases accuracy. In addition to cameras, road traffic conditions change at any time and you can choose the best route to avoid wasting time.

Some features and capabilities of Radarwarner Pro. Blitzer DE Android:

  • Display road violation recording cameras on smart maps
  • Receive alerts when approaching cameras
  • Four different screen modes
  • Update information by other drivers around the world
  • View and instantly change road traffic information
  • Ability to integrate with all GPS navigation systems and maps
  • Receive voice alerts
  • Alarm when exceeding the speed limit on the road
  • Vibration mode for motorcycles
  • Ability to send personal information in the relationship of violation recording cameras
  • Display instantaneous speed, minimum and maximum speed along the route

Radarwarner Pro application . Blitzer DE with the benefit of its various features and capabilities has been published by its developer at a price of $ 5.49 on Google Play, and now you can download the latest version without any restrictions from the popular and popular Usroid website . Kurds. This app is introduced at your request.


Radarwarner Pro.  Blitzer DE