Ragduel v1.10.4 + Mod – fun arcade game “Puppet Duel” for Android
Normal version + mod version (increase money instead of decrease) separately
Tested with offline performance

Ragduel – Puppet Duel is another interesting and entertaining title from the prestigious VOODOO studio in the style of arcade and action games from the category of simulation titles that has been produced and published for free. Usroid has once again prepared this game as the first Android website in Iran and has provided it with an exclusive modded version for download, and dear users can download it from the site’s high-speed servers with just one click, and a Install an interesting and exciting game on your Android device. VOODOO Studio is famous for making small, data-free, offline and fun games. The games that have been made by this company so far all have one thing in common and that is that they are fun. For example, some of the company’s popular games such as  Helix JumpFlying Arrow, Dune, Crowd City are games that follow these features and we have already introduced them in Usroid . Ragduel or Puppet Duel is another game from this studio that, like other games, is in a fun and entertaining style, and it does not involve an adventurous storyline or a trip to different places and special adventures. Ragduel is a simple and purely arcade title that, according to the creator, is in the simulation style due to its general characteristics.




In Ragduel you play the role of a puppet character in the Wild West. Where the champion competitions were held in the form of a duel. Now you are going to fight against many opponents and duel with all of them! But perhaps what makes Ragduel such a completely different and exclusive game is its gameplay style and interesting approach. If you pay attention to the name of the game, you will notice that it is different. The characters you control are more like rag dolls than human beings. This makes the control of these dolls different and something like a puppet. In order to win these duels, you definitely have to aim at the enemy and shoot him before that enemy shoots at you. But how to aim in this game is different. You have to try to get closer to the enemy by shooting on the ground and moving the hand of the game character. In order for the character’s hand to rise more than normal, you have to shoot at the right time, when the throw and the force of the shot cause the doll’s hand to move further forward. In the first stage of Ragduel training, you can learn how to play. By advancing in the game and overcoming various enemies, you can earn money to upgrade your desired character in the two main parts, or use various skins and costumes to customize it. Ragduel is now available with a modded version of Usroid servers.