Rail Rush v1.9.18 + Mod – A very exciting and popular game Rush Android Railway + Trailer
Ordinary version + Modded (Unlimited Money) Separately
Tested with Offline Run

Rail Rush in Persian (Rush Railway) is one of the most popular and entertaining arcade and action games with excellent graphics for the Android operating system , which is also one of the best with a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Play Store. With this exciting game, you can experience a legendary adventure game and perform various missions with your wagon in the old mines! You should travel routes to various locations to collect precious stones and various achievements during the course of the gameMake the most of your intended use. In this exciting game, break the rock eggs to find what is inside them; Find new and exciting ways to explore the mine and move on to different and challenging stages to get gold and jewelry! Your only goal is to become a mining researcher, so you have to collect all the precious stones and metals and keep yourself entertained for hours. The game has great graphics compared to its very small size and we recommend it to all users!

Some features of Android Rail Rush:

  • Explore different mines through 4 different characters
  • Achievements of UPS achievements to increase excitement
  • Play in 6 amazing places including caves, waterfalls, spider nests, deserted cities, mushroom umbrellas
  • Having stunning graphics compared to its very small size
  • Ability to upgrade the wagon with different tasks
  • Great sound quality to increase the excitement of the game
  • Ability to play online with leaderboards and accurate statistics

Today in Usroid, we have put the latest and most recent version of Rail Rush game along with the mod for you regular users, which you can download with one click. Not to mention that Rail Rush, with more than 100,000,000 downloads from Google Play, is one of the most popular games in the arcade category, and we introduce it to you, dear friends of unique games.

 Modifications to version v1.9.18:

* Troubleshoot and improve game graphics


Download Rail Rush - The exciting game of Rush Android Railway (Halloween version)