Ramp Car Jumping v2.3.2 Mod – game arcades and charming “car jump from the podium” for Android trailers
regular version mode version (unlimited money and unlock all cars and steps) individually
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Ramp Car Jumping – Car jumping from the podium is another game from the well-known British studio BoomBit Games, which has previously made and released games such as Tanks A Lot , Idle Coffee Corp , Car Driving School Simulator , Dancing Ball , Build a Bridge. The Tower Dash , as well as the popular Tiny Gladiators game series, became very popular . This time, too, we intend to publish this article on the Usroid website for the first time in USA Let’s introduce another game from BoomBit Games Studio that you requested. Our favorite game, Ramp Car Jumping, is a completely arcade and entertaining title that doesn’t have a storyline, adventure adventures or various competitions. In this one-player game, you have no competitors other than yourself! In this game, if you have a specific goal, it should be to record better records and break your previous record. The nature of Ramp Car Jumping is very simple and at the same time very entertaining. In this game, you have to buy different cars from classic cars to long chassis cars, super sports and racing cars, rally cars and 3 cars in this game and play the game with whichever you like. To buy these cars, you need money and coins, which you can get by playing games and setting good records.


Ramp Car Jumping


In Ramp Car Jumping Your job is to throw your purchased cars off the high and terrifying platforms and create interesting and exciting scenes! The more you fly in the air, the more points you get. There are other factors, such as landing on the ground, that can affect the final score. How and where you bite or when you stop biting can be very important. Each car has two upgrades, one for the engine and the other for the booster. Both of these sections can be upgraded to level 150. By upgrading car engines, you can increase their power, and by upgrading the booster, you can boost the turbine installed on the exhaust and move your car in the air like a jet! Ramp Car Jumping is very simple and so-called clean in terms of gameplay! You only need one finger to play the game. All you have to do is bite in time at the beginning of the route and use the booster while flying in the sky. But the more enjoyable part of the game is the graphic part, which is really well designed. The destructions used in this game are very admirable. You can destroy objects by hitting them on the road, and the more damage you do, the more points you get. Excellent graphic detail and 3D design have also made Ramp Car Jumping very attractive in this area. Usroid will invite you to download the latest version by preparing Ramp Car Jumping in two normal and modded versions.

V2.2.2 version changes:

* Add more cars
* Improve the camera view
* Remove bugs and apply various optimizations