Random Merge Defense v1.3.1 + Mod – “Combination Tower Defense” strategic game for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately available
Tested for offline play

Random Merge Defense – Combined Defense Tower is a title of a strategic game and one of the other mobile games from the Korean studio Mobirix, which has become famous among fans by making games like Fishing Hook, Tower Defense King, Hit & Knock down, One Finger Death Punch and Drake n Trap. In this article from Usroid website, we intend to introduce another game from this game development company to you. Random Merge Defense is produced in the strategic genre and its main nature is of the type of light tower defense games. Usroid for the first time in Iran presents this game to you, dear ones, and has also provided a modified version alongside the regular version so that you can enjoy this game. In Random Merge Defense game, you travel to a completely mythical world and appear as epic heroes. In this fantasy world, you must protect a large castle. The enemies have succeeded in reaching the main entrances of this castle, but to enter it, they must first pass through your dam and forces. You must resist their attacks and not let them pass your borders.


Random Merge Defense


In the game Random Merge Defense, which is primarily a tower defense game, you must place your forces in various points along winding paths and try to prevent enemy passage and infiltration. However, what sets this tower defense game apart is the incorporation of the Merge style into the game. As you know, in strategic games, especially tower defense games, your forces are capable of upgrading and becoming stronger and better equipped each time they upgrade. In Random Merge Defense, this is done in a different way, by combining two weaker forces to create a stronger force! There are different types of forces in this game that you can combine to create different forces, which, as the name suggests, will be random combinations. Each combination may result in creating a completely unique force, and this part of the game is designed to be quite attractive and creative. Therefore, your main focus should be on combining forces to create stronger defense towers. In addition, you can cover the path with ordinary forces, but again, we emphasize that the basis of Random Merge Defense is combining forces with each other. Your forces can be selected from 6 different classes. The more you progress in the game, the higher the difficulty level will be, and your battles with tougher enemies will become more intense. So it’s better to be fully prepared for a fight and not let demonic enemies destroy you with the help of your combined heroes and warriors. By taking a look at the game trailer video and screenshots, you can have a better understanding of the gameplay and graphic style of this game, and then if you wish, you can download the latest version from Usroid.

Attention: In the mod version of the game, you can upgrade towers without spending any money or costs.