RE Equalizer Music Player v1.0.3 – Lightweight and Powerful Android Music Player App
The purchased and complete version of the app is available for the first time in Iran for $1.99

RE Equalizer Music Player is the title of a small yet powerful Android music player developed by WiseSchematics and published on Google Play. Players are an integral part of smart devices, as they allow us to play various types of files and meet our needs in this area. Everyone has their own criteria for choosing a suitable player, including criteria that users may overlook. One of these demands is the small size of players, which unfortunately, fewer developers pay attention to. Undoubtedly, RE Equalizer Music Player is one of the best and smallest audio players that will provide you with a new experience in playing audio files. Simply install this one-megabyte program and play your favorite music with the best possible quality. However, this startup includes a variety of features and capabilities that we will discuss below.

RE Equalizer Music Player: A Compact and High-Quality Music Player

One of the most important features that has attracted users to RE Equalizer Music Player is its exceptional music playback quality compared to its very low file size. You may not believe it, but the size of this audio player is only 500 kilobytes! After installation, you will be faced with a simple and attractive interface that displays a list of all the music available in your memory. To play the music, simply touch them and let ReEq handle everything. Contrary to what users may think, this program supports various formats that will meet your needs without the need for bulky applications.

Experience Advanced Equalizer Settings with ReEq

One of the most important features that RE Equalizer Music Player offers to its users is access to a complete set of equalizer settings. With these settings, you can change all equalizer bands and adjust the output sound according to your music style. Changes to the existing equalizer are applied instantly, and you can feel these changes at any moment. In addition, a set of pre-set equalizer stations are available, which you can activate without any complexity. These pre-set stations are configured based on the most popular music styles.

A collection of management options in a simple environment

Although we introduce the RE Equalizer Music Player environment as simple, it is also equipped with an attractive UI. On the music playback page, several diverse options are available to you, dear ones, each of which in some way meets the user’s needs. With these options, you can increase the bass of the music and get the most out of the available virtualizer. All audio files in memory are displayed automatically based on specific criteria, and the use of each criterion depends solely on you and your needs.

Some of the features and capabilities of the RE Equalizer Music Player Android app:

  • Playing music with high-quality sound in a very simple environment
  • Providing users with access to more than 5-band equalizer
  • A collection of pre-set equalizer stations
  • Various audio effects to apply to music in real-time
  • Exclusive visualizer in the Now Playing menu
  • Automatic categorization of music and audio files based on various criteria
  • Internal timer to stop playback process
  • Support for popular audio formats
  • Support for various headphones and Bluetooth speakers
  • Multiple color themes and attractive user interface

The RE Equalizer Music Player app, as one of the most feature-packed yet lightweight music players for Android, has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 from users and has been released by its developer for $1.99 on Google Play. You can now purchase the latest version of this amazing player without any restrictions on accessing its features from the vast database of Usroid website.


RE Equalizer Music Player