REAL GUITAR: Virtual Guitar Premium v7.0.6 – Guitar simulator application for Android
premium and full version of the program worth $ 2.49 for the first time in Iran

Music is one of the things that no human being hates, not only humans but also animals and plants grow and come to life with songs. The high popularity of music among us humans has led many of us to learn music. As you know, there are various instruments for playing music, one of the best of which is the guitar. Guitar is commonly used in all songs and in a way it can be considered the main base of all music. It should also be noted that the guitar is very popular among music lovers and has the most art seekers around the world. That is why the developers have introduced various software in this field, it helps you dear ones to learn the guitar quickly and easily! REAL GUITAR: Virtual GuitarIs the title of a guitar simulator application developed by Kolb Apps and published on Google Play. As the title suggests, after installation, you will encounter a simulated guitar, a guitar that is no different from the physical version and a specific sound is output by touching each string. This startup is a good option for those who are interested in learning guitar, as it helps to practice what you have learned at any time and place and try to play the guitar. One of the most important features of this simulator is its support for guitar tutorials! The existing database contains more than 40 wonderful guitar lessons that you can follow to improve your ability to play the guitar in a short period of time. All tutorials are entertaining in a way that is recorded in your long-term memory and you will never forget them.

Some features and capabilities of REAL GUITAR: Virtual Guitar Android app:

  • Fantastic and perfect guitar simulation
  • Complete simulation of the output sound of each wire
  • Touch the virtual wires to get a perfect and tuned sound
  • Over 40 different lessons for easy guitar learning
  • 1500 wonderful chords of the most popular songs around the world
  • More than 29 different loops of different music styles

REAL GUITAR application : Virtual Guitar, with the benefit of its special features and capabilities in the field of guitar training, was released by its developer for free with an in-network payment of $ 2.49 and was able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. Now you can download the latest premium version of it from the big and rich content website of Usroid .


REAL GUITAR: Virtual Guitar