Real Metronome Premium v1.6.4 – All digital metronome application for Android
premium and professional version with all features available

Perhaps this post can be considered as the most special article among the published ones, which covers a certain range of users and amazes them. If you are a music lover or a musician of one of the musical instruments, you will know that the pieces have specific speeds and different rhythms, a metronome is used to control the rhythm between the pieces; Many people refuse to buy a metronome because of its high price and try to keep the rhythms mentally, which in many cases causes problems; Application Real Metronome is a metronome professional, graphical trending Gismart studio programming for tablets and phones with AndroidIn addition to saving costs, you can use it to perform very accurate and appropriate rhythms for your friends. In addition, as you know, each of the musical instruments such as guitar, drums, piano and… each have special metronomes that this program with its unique capabilities in separate parts, all the metronomes of this device Has included music. There are two types of digital and analog metronomes used in the application, each of which you can easily use; You can manually adjust the speed range or use the capabilities of this program and set the step in the range between 10 to 250 beats per minute. There are also presets in the program that you can easily get rid of the hard metronome settings by selecting them.

Some features and capabilities of Real Metronome Android application:

  • Maximum accuracy to adjust the time between rhythms
  • Easy to use Easy to use app
  • It has two analog and digital metronome modes
  • Move the existing pendulum graphically
  • Pendulum vibration during impact!
  • There are all the popular steps in the app
  • Ability to adjust the speed manually
  • Ability to adjust the step in the range of 10 to 250 beats per minute
  • Presets
  • Ability to create the desired station and put it in the favorites list
  • Has a variety of drums, guitars, pianos, cymbals and متر

Real Metronome application has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 in a very limited time with payment within the network and also more than 5 million downloads, which is now a professional version without restrictions of this program and you can download it from Farsid Receive.

Changes in version v1.6.4:

* Fixed application problems