RealCalc Plus v2.3.1 Patched – an incredibly beautiful and functional calculator for Android!
Patched version with all features and without license error

RealCalc Plus a wonderful calculator studio Quartic Software for phones and tablets Android is the price of $ 3.49 on Google Play has been released and more than 500,000 times from the best-selling calculator available in the Play Store is ! This calculator is designed exactly like the real calculators on the market and provides all the scientific standard functions you need to solve a variety of different problems. With the help of this practical calculator, you can perform all your mathematical operations in a beautiful environment and save the final answer. To date, we have introduced various software in the field of calculators for Android, all of which were good, but the calculator RealCalc Plus with its real and stylish interface + great features has been able to attract the attention of all buyers.

Some features and capabilities of RealCalc Plus Android application:

  • Perform all algebraic operations or RPN
  • Perform fraction calculations and the possibility of conversion from / to decimals
  • Calculator and converter hours, minutes and seconds
  • Having a 12-digit screen
  • Memory support to store the last 10 operations
  • Possibility of activating binaries, octaves and sixteen hexades
  • Three styles: direct-entry, buffered-entry and XYZT
  • Ability to use the calculator in both vertical and horizontal modes

As we said application RealCalc Plus in Google Play money for Iranian users can buy it easily there, so we Usroid the latest paid version and complete it for the download that you can do it with one click And get it for free. Not to mention that this calculator currently has a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 in the Play Store !


RealCalc Plus