Recover Bin: Trash for Android – Restore Photos Recover Bin: Simulation of Windows Recycle Bin
Purchased version of the program for $ 7.99

The memory capacity of today’s phones has greatly increased and their volume is reaching hundreds of gigabytes. These large memories allow users to store their data on the phone memory with a more open hand and do not feel too much volume limit in this regard. This process eventually leads to the accumulation of a huge amount of information in the phone. Some of this information is valuable and can cause irreparable damage to users if lost. For example, photos of memorable moments in life or important work documents are such information. Due to the large amount of use we have of our phones and the different things we do with them, we may inadvertently and accidentally delete important information from the phone memory. In such cases, there is normally no way to recover the information, but you can use tools to prevent such unfortunate events.Recover Bin: Trash for Android – Restore Photos is an Android operating system for storing and recovering deleted files, developed by DiskForensics Software Ltd and published on Google Play for $ 7.99. This is an Android appIt acts like the Windows Recycle Bin and stores the files you delete. All files, no matter how deleted, are transferred to this program after a few seconds and you can easily recover them if needed. Of course, it is possible in this program that you can use it to perform a deep scan on your phone’s memory and also find and recover files that have already been deleted. Of course, with this program, the files are not deleted from the phone’s memory, and this causes the phone’s memory to fill up in a short time. To solve this problem, you can set the program to the existing files at certain times. Delete it completely from your memory so that there is no need to delete the files manually.

Some features and capabilities of Recover Bin: Trash for Android – Restore Photos Android :

  •  Has a function similar to the Windows Recycle Bin program
  •  Keep all deleted files in your memory
  •  Easy recovery of deleted files with any volume
  •  Ability to scan deep memory to find pre-deleted files and recovers
  •  Has different themes to change the look of the app
  •  Ability to schedule the program to delete the files in it
  •  Has a gallery to display files in the program and easy access to them

App Recover Bin: Trash for Android – Restore Photos great tool to protect files and prevent their sudden removal with the consent of Android users could Score 4.0 from 5.0 from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the purchased version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version : 

* Improved application security and performance


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