Recover Deleted All Files, Photos and Contacts v1.0 [ads-free] – file and contacts recovery application Android
version without ads and full program for the first time on Iranian websites

Sudden and erroneous deletion of files in memory is one of the main problems of users because if they do not have a backup of it, they will lose access to the deleted file forever. One of the best ways to regain access is to use data recovery software, of which we have already introduced several versions. Recover Deleted All Files, Photos and Contacts Ad-FreeTitle is an Android file and contact recovery application developed by the Creative Tools App and published in the large Google Play Market. The above software with a dedicated coding is the best possible way to recover any deleted file from memory! One of the most important points that the development team has mentioned is the lack of backup to recover data, which is a feature rarely seen in software. Perhaps the strength of the above app can be considered in the recovery of deleted contacts, which even if the memory is reset, helps you to have full access to your contact list.

Some features and capabilities of Recover Deleted All Files, Photos and Contacts Android app:

  • Recover all types of files, images, videos, contacts and انواع
  • Very high speed in scanning memory and recovering lost data
  • No need for any pre-saved information
  • Ability to back up data and save it on SD card
  • Ability to share your backup method with your friends!
  • There was no complexity in the data recovery process
  • Two modes of deep and fast scanning
  • Ability to restore only your favorite files

App Recover Deleted All Files, Photos and Contacts with having a code specific capabilities of its diverse by their developer completely free on Google Play has been released, can now have the most recent version has no ads and full website Get the most visited and popular Usroid .

Version v1.0 changes:

* Release the first version of the app on Google Play


Recover Deleted All Files, Photos and Contacts