Recover & Restore Deleted Photos PRO v1.2.0 – Scan and recovery application for deleted Android
Professional and full version of the program worth $ 1.99 for the first time in Iran

Users of Android smart devices store various images in their smartphone memory; Sometimes we may delete some images that we need at other times due to a mistake or arbitrarily. In such a situation, all users are looking for ways to restore images! We all need special tools to recover deleted memory files, which Usroid website has introduced many of the best so far. Recover & Restore Deleted Photos ProTitle is an application for scanning and recovering deleted images for Android, which was developed by GoNext App Developers and published on Google Play. This software uses a new technology to scan all the memory quickly and deeply so that it can recover your images. Unlike other similar apps, this program makes the recovery process much more accurate by offering various options; So that you can enter the time interval for deleting images so that the software examines only a certain range of time. After recovery, mark the photos you need to save only your favorites in memory.

Some features and capabilities of Recover & Restore Deleted Photos Android app:

  • Quick and deep scan of smartphone memory to recover deleted images
  • Ability to enter a time interval to scan and filter results based on image size
  • Ability to save only the recovered images you need with one touch
  • Ability to permanently delete detected images after scanning
  • Password protected and scanned images
  • Very simple and easy user interface

App Recover & Restore Deleted Photos to benefit from the features and capabilities of the various able to pay in-network $ 1.99 Self- rated 4.0 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version of its professional from the database Download the huge Usroid website . In our version all features are available for free.

Changes in version v1.2.0:

* There are no changes in Google Play for this version of the program.


Recover & Restore Deleted Photos PRO