Relic Looter: Tap Tap Jump v1.8.16 + Mod – An exciting arcade game “Relic Looter” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (with mentioned features) separately available
Tested to run offline

Relic Looter: Tap Tap Jump – Tomb Mask is a very entertaining and interesting arcade game with simple and fantasy designs, and at the same time, an incredibly exciting and challenging gameplay and style from the Hungarian studio isTom Games. This game has been released for free for the Android operating system. This time, we have decided to introduce this game to you, dear ones, as the first Iranian website, on the Usroid website, and provide its regular and modified version for download. In previous articles on the site, we introduced other games from this studio such as A 32 secs: Traffic Rider, Blocky Castle, ZOMBIE AnnihilatoR, and Mad Bullets. Relic Looter: Tap Tap Jump is designed with a simple idea. In this game, you play the role of an explorer and archaeologist who decides to go to remote parts of the earth and find undiscovered black holes to discover valuable ancient treasures and become a famous and wealthy archaeologist! That’s why he travels to different places and takes risks by putting his foot in unknown and undiscovered places. These places are all deep underground and out of reach of humans, and getting there is not everyone’s job. In these black holes, which were probably built by primitive civilizations, dozens of deadly traps and traps are embedded so that thieves and profiteers do not reach the hidden treasures in these black holes!


Relic Looter: Mask of tomb


In Relic Looter: Tap Tap Jump, you are now the first human to embark on a journey to these dangerous locations and reach the treasures and sacred and ancient artifacts by passing through deadly traps and collecting them. But this task is not supposed to be easy. The places you travel to are filled with dozens of traps, and it only takes a moment of carelessness to be caught and perish. At every moment, mechanical traps like blades emerge from the ground or pendulum blades move towards you. To stay safe from these threats, you must have very fast reflexes. Each trap becomes active for a few moments and then becomes inactive and then becomes active again. You must pass over them at the exact time when these traps become inactive with precise timing. With a little bit of playing, you will learn how to do this. The levels of the game Relic Looter: Mask of Tomb are designed as winding and difficult paths. Along the way, there are various ancient artifacts, hidden treasures, and colorful diamonds that are your main goal to collect all of them. The gameplay of the game is very challenging and in some levels, especially the higher levels, it makes the game quite difficult and challenging for players. By earning points and money, you can customize the game character and buy various items. This attractive and lovable game with fantasy graphics and designs is available for download in both regular and mod versions. You can now download these versions from Usroid as tested versions. It is worth mentioning that Relic Looter: Tap Tap Jump game with more than 10 thousand downloads and earning a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating is generally available to users on Google Play.