Repetimer Full v2.56 full – Permanent and frequent reminder application for Android,
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for $ 1.99, presented to you for the first time in Iran

Many people who use activity reminder programs are forced to create and repeat past tasks every day. This daily creation of reminders can seem tedious over time and create a repetitive cycle. If you are also facing the mentioned problem, then join us in this post. Repetimer Full is a constant and frequent reminder of daily activities by rdq for Android devicesDeveloped and published. As the name implies, one of the main reasons for its popularity compared to other similar programs is its extraordinary repetition functions, which makes users give it a special command once and for all, even for years of daily activity. To inform you. Create several repetitions for each of the created reminders at different intervals to make sure you will never forget them. In addition, an LED color change system is also available in the list of features, which makes you aware of the time of activity just by looking at the screen and changing the color of the LED.

Some features and capabilities of Repetimer Full Android application:

  • Create a reminder daily or continuously in the coming days
  • Select the number of repetitions required for your reminders
  • Reject reminders if needed!
  • Support for dedicated alert mode
  • Home screen widgets
  • Change the color of the LED when receiving reminder notifications
  • Add vibration and sound to your reminders
  • Open an application or webpage with the start of each reminder

The Repetimer Full app with a set of special and unique capabilities in the field of daily activity reminders has been released for $ 1.99 in the big Google Play Market. This software has only had 50 active downloads so far, and by downloading it from the Usroid site, you will undoubtedly be one of the first global users.

Changes in version v2.56:

* Additional settings for reminders
* Troubleshooting and improving app performance.


Repetimer Full