RepliGo PDF Reader is a powerful and professional software for viewing PDF files with excellent features for Android operating system, which is now available in the Play Store for $2.99 and despite being paid and non-free, it has received very good reception and is at the top of the Google Play PDF reader apps. With this application, you will be able to quickly and easily open PDF documents and view them, and take advantage of features such as highlighting or highlighting text in files, copying text for use in other programs or saving them, note-taking, and filling out PDF forms. Bring the best PDF reader software to your Android tablet or smartphone.

This program is exactly like Adobe Microsoft and with its unique features, it will create the best experience for viewing and editing PDF files on your Android.

Some of the features and capabilities of RepliGo PDF Reader for Android:

* Opening and viewing PDF files quickly

* Having settings to adjust color, border thickness, font size, etc.

* Reading PDF documents with features such as text-to-speech conversion

* Possibility of rotating PDF documents to one of four directions: up, down, left, and right

* The possibility of sending PDF files via email, Bluetooth, and cloud services such as Dropbox

* Having a powerful function to open password-protected PDF files

* Having the ability to select text and copy it to the clipboard for use in other software

* Having a night mode to prevent eye strain in the dark

* Go to previous or next pages by swiping your hand on the screen

* Having powerful bookmark functions to go to a specific page with unique features

* Adding notes, annotations, lines, ovals, rectangles, maps, etc. to PDF files

* The possibility of zooming in and out quickly inside or outside by pressing or double-tapping on columns, images, or tables.

The RepliGo PDF Reader application is now available for sale on Google Play for $2.99. Today, we are offering the latest version of it for free on Usroid and we hope you like it.

* Resolving various issues and improving performance


Download RepliGo PDF Reader - a powerful PDF reader application for Android



RepliGo PDF Reader Android - Android PDF reader



RepliGo PDF Reader Android - Android PDF reader



RepliGo PDF Reader Android - Android PDF reader



RepliGo PDF Reader Android - Android PDF reader