Rescue Roby HD is an extremely beautiful and entertaining game in the style of brain teasers and puzzles for the Android operating system, in which you must help the story robot to escape from the robot factory with the help of your intelligence and thought! This game, the new version of which has been released in the Android Market , has been added 100 new stages on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, which will bring a beautiful Valentine’s environment to your smartphone.

You have to use all the tools available to make Robbie run away, from conveyor belts and moving scaffolding to big boxes and robots! This game has stunning graphics and addictive gameplay and is for all ages.

To view images of the Rescue Roby HD game environment and download it for free from Usroid , read more.

 Changes in version v1.7:

* Bug fixes

* Reduce game size


Rescue Roby HD - Robbie escape intellectual game for Android