Resistor Color Code – Calculator v1.1 – Color resistance calculation application for Android
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Resistance is a component used in electrical circuits. All the circuits of the devices we use on a daily basis have multiple resistors. Resistors in the circuit protect other components by restricting electrical current and do not allow high voltage to damage them. If you are also interested in electronics, you know that putting resistance in a circuit is not possible without calculations! Before closing any circuit according to the required efficiency and voltage, the resistor must first be selected and used in its proper place to limit the current. Several types of resistors are used in electronics, the most common of which are color resistors. These types of resistors are easily available and in addition have high efficiency. Perhaps the question arises for some users, how is the resistance determined in such resistances ?! There are several strips in different colors on the color resistors, each of which is a number! By having a special formula and observing the colors, you can easily measure the resistance. Although this formula is simple to memorize, it is sometimes forgotten.Resistor Color Code – Calculator is a color resistance calculation application developed by Tom Hogenkamp and published on Google Play. This software is an application tool for electronics engineers and enthusiasts in this field that helps to quickly measure color resistance in a very short period of time. To start the measurement, all you have to do is look at the colors on the resistor and specify them so that you can quickly see the resistance. This software supports resistors with color codes 3, 4, 5 and 6, which are used in many cases. The software environment is very simple and even the most novice users can meet their needs.

Some features and capabilities of Resistor Color Code – Calculator Android app:

  • Measurement of resistance, color resistance
  • Supports resistors with color codes 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • High speed in performing calculations and displaying answers
  • Very simple and easy user interface for the most novice users

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Resistor Color Code - Calculator