Resso v3.7.1 – Social music streaming app Resso for Android
The original version of the app at your request, dear ones

Resso is the title of a social network music streaming application developed by Moon Video Inc and published on Google Play. As Android users, we witness the introduction of thousands of startups every year by developers, but some of these apps face special attention from users. The number of downloads of an app in the Android market is only indicative of one thing, the extraordinary features of our target application! One of the most successful startups we know is TikTok. TikTok was able to attract the attention of more than 200 million users from around the world in a very short period of time. This time, Moon Video, the maker of TikTok, intends to introduce its fans to a new app called Resso. Resso, which has so far dedicated more than 1 million active downloads on Google Play, is completely different from TikTok and cannot be compared in any way. Perhaps the first thing that confuses you in this post is the title that has been set. Social network music streaming! This is exactly what the developer of Resso has repeatedly stated in various press conferences. The creator of TikTok’s sister believes that listening to music collectively is much more enjoyable than listening to music individually.

Social Network for Music Lovers: Resso

With this application, users can share texts, comments, and other content with others, just like other social media platforms. All music available on Resso is played in complete segments, and users can send them to their friends. What might surprise you at first is the automatic music playback feature! After installing and starting the music app, it will be streamed online. Unlike TikTok, Resso is on the path to success, and Spotify’s support for it indicates its high popularity and unique shine in the coming months. By default, whenever a song is played, a video will also be played in the background of the software, helping you enjoy the music and feel its emotions with all your being. Some users may think they have no control over the music played, but it should be noted that making changes to it depends solely on you and your feedback.

Another reason for Resso’s popularity is Artificial Intelligence

One of the main reasons for Resso’s popularity is the use of artificial intelligence. The neural networks of artificial intelligence monitor all the songs played by you as soon as you enter the application and ultimately suggest music that suits your taste. At the same time, you can also view the lyrics of these songs and copy parts of the text if necessary. Resso provides you with features that turn copied text into incredibly attractive written images. Another reason that has made this application unique is the special ability of users to express their emotions. In addition to registering text comments for each song, you can express your emotions through images, GIFs, and videos.

Ready-made Music Playlists

In the popular Resso app, a collection of music playlists is made available to users. These playlists, usually determined by the developer and design team, convey extraordinary emotions to their users. In addition, the Android app continuously recognizes the best playlists created by users and recommends them to you and other users. In any case, if you are looking for a new experience, do not miss Resso and enter a world full of extraordinary and emotional experiences by downloading it.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Resso Android app:

  • Connecting with other users through their emotions and favorite music
  • Expressing opinions and emotions about each music using text, images, gifs, and videos
  • Displaying the lyrics of each music while playing it
  • Creating attractive image captions using the displayed lyrics
  • Various playlists for all users with their unique emotions
  • Offering special recommendations tailored to the user’s mood and taste
  • Having full access to all music

Resso app, with its set of features and creative use of internet communication, has taken a path to growth and has been able to attract the attention of millions of users in Google Play in just a few months. This software has received a 3.4 out of 5.0 rating by users and you can now download its latest original version from the powerful servers of Usroid.