Download game Return To Castle Wolfenstein v1.1.1 Android + data + installation and execution training ( cracked and completely healthy )

RTCW stands for Return To Castle Wolfenstein to Farsi (Return to Castle Wolfenstein) Popular game and graphic light gun games and action for the operating system Android , which has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 most popular and best games Sikh shooting Is a play story! The story of the game is narrated by the popular and old character of this series, Wiliam BJ Blazkowicz, who along with another Allied soldier named Agent one who works in the center of the Office of Secret Action series, during a mission to find out about the German super series. Which are related to the supernatural powers and the resurrection of Heinrich 1 and the Dark Knights, who are unfortunately arrested after their mission is revealed and transferred to the prisons of Wolfenstein Castle!


Download RTCW Touch - Back to Wolfenstein Castle game for Android!


Agent one dies under German torture, but Blazkovic manages to escape from prison and continue his unfinished mission. He is constantly guided in this direction by the OOSA organization to reach the hearts of German biological weapons and superheroes, which are made by advanced technologies, as well as some evil and ancient words! Responsible for this German operation, the revival of Heinrich I, is played by a demonic character named Wilhelm Strasse, nicknamed Deathshead, whom you see in the cutscenes of the game, but you will never encounter, and unfortunately, despite the above project Naturally the Germans will eventually fail you; But the key character in the game, the D eathshead escapes and…. In addition to German weapons and superheroes, Blazkovic will encounter the mysteries of darkness and black magic created by German efforts to harass Lord Heinrich, and he will discover and fight them. He pays, although these spells sometimes overwhelm the Germans and bring them dangers. Eventually the Germans succeed in freeing Heinrich and the hero of the game destroys him and all the dark knights, black magic and the German soldiers’ super factory by destroying him!

 RTCW Touch game was one of the most beautiful shooter gameplay of its era, which finally released its Android version after a long time! In this game, the player will experience many different environments from the beginning to the end, from Wolfenstein Castle prisons, World War I war-torn cities, dark tombs and cemeteries, old churches, laboratories and advanced German factories. Get snowy and icy environments, German villages to amazing forests! The variety of weapons is also excellent, so that the game has a collection of real and imaginary weapons, the performance and function of each of them, while being enjoyable, challenges you to face different and diverse enemies of the game, and experience the best game. Brings shooting to your Android phone.


Download RTCW Touch - Back to Wolfenstein Castle game for Android!


If we want to talk about the graphics and sound quality of the game, we can consider its graphics as much as consoles, so that its graphics will amaze you! Despite being monetary, the above game has been very well received and has been purchased millions of times from the Play Store, which will undoubtedly be worth buying!

Today in Usroid , as the first Iranian website, we provide the unique Return To Castle Wolfenstein game with a +700 MB data file to you, dear users, which you can read more quickly and Get it for free.

Price of the game in the Android Market: $ 1.95 Total game size: 760 MB Prerequisite: Android 3.1

 Note: The game works well, but its language is Russian; To convert to English, delete the following file:

/sdcard/Beloko/RTCW/FULL/main/: mp_zpak_russian.pk3 pak_russian.pk3 sp_zpak2_russian.pk3 sp_zpak_russian.pk3

Changes in version v1.1.1:

* Improved game graphics and troubleshooting




Instructions for installing and running the game without problems:

– Download and install the apk file and then run it to create its folders. Exit the game

– Download the data file and decompress it with the password

Place the main folder in the sdcard / Beloko / RTCW / FULL path.

– Sync to your Gmail account; – Run the Gmail application and select the account option from the Setting section; Enable the sync is off option to turn it into sync is on.

– Run the game and enjoy it ????


Download RTCW Touch Android APK + DATA - NEW



Download RTCW Touch Android APK + DATA - NEW



Download RTCW Touch Android APK + DATA - NEW



Download RTCW Touch Android APK + DATA - NEW



Download RTCW Touch Android APK + DATA - NEW