Riddick: The Merc Files (Riddick: Institute of Materials and Energy Files) is a popular and incredibly beautiful game with extraordinary and stunning graphics in the genre of fighting and action games, produced by Gaming Corps for the Android operating system, which was released hours ago on the Play Store! This game is based on a movie of the same name, Riddick, and brings the best and most exciting action and arcade game experience to your Android phone. The story of the game and the movie is that after Riddick is abandoned on a devastated and burned planet by his own kind to leave the world, he survives and starts fighting the aliens and now has more power than ever before! But Riddick suddenly encounters something among the raiding aliens he fights that has a connection to his past and …! Riddick (Vin Diesel) is the main character of the game who, after a conspiracy, is diverted from being sent to the planet “Fiora” and ends up on a barren and desert planet full of demonic and hungry creatures! He, who is alone and tired on this planet and on the other hand, longs for the past, decides to fight them instead of becoming an animal prey and regains part of his power by killing each of them. It doesn’t take long for a group of mercenaries, led by a man named Santana (Jordi Molla), to enter Riddick’s residence area to kill him and take his head to the center and receive the reward set for his head, while another group led by Johns (Matt Nable) have also come to this planet at the same time and unlike the mercenaries, they need Riddick alive and …!
As you have read the story of the game, you are facing a game with an incredibly beautiful and exciting story, a game full of war and battle in amazing places …

Some features of Riddick: The Merc Files Android game:

  • Having various missions to advance by the player
  • The possibility of recording videos from the game environment and directly sharing it on social networks
  • Availability of various firearms to eliminate enemies
  • Having dozens of amazing and diverse levels
  • Eliminating various enemies in beautiful and completely realistic environments
  • Having stunning graphics along with professional sound quality when hitting

The amazing game Riddick: The Merc Files is the best and most popular action Android game with a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating, which is sold for $4.99, and today we provide it for free on Usroid and hope you enjoy it. You can download the latest version of the game for free from Usroid’s high-speed servers with a direct link.

Note: A new version has been released without the need for data and in the form of a 324 MB installation file.

* Fixed the problem of loading the game after the first logo


Download Riddick: The Merc Files - Riddick action game for Android + data