Rise of the Kings v1.9.41 – Online Strategy Game “Rise of the Kings” for Android
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Rise of the Kings – طلوع پادشاهان or the Rise of Kings is the name of one of the most popular strategy games in recent years. The game developer is the Hong Kong-based studio ONEMT, which exclusively works on strategy games and has produced and released several games in this genre, including Doom Dunes. In this article from Usroid, we have decided to introduce another game from this studio to you and once again bring strategy game enthusiasts to life. In the game Rise of the Kings, which is published in the Real-time Strategy genre, you step into ancient and mythical lands. Lands that have been involved in consecutive wars for years and the people of these lands have never had peace during these years. In this tumultuous world, there are many people who consider themselves the king of others. These misunderstandings, selfishness, and autocracy have led to several different kingdoms engaging in long-term wars with each other. You are part of a group of these people who must become the hero of your empire and prepare to overthrow your enemies and reclaim your throne. This war has become so great and pervasive that now the feet of mythical creatures like several fire-breathing dragons are also open to it. So get to work and build your empire and destroy your rivals before they can threaten you!


Rise of the Kings


In Rise of the Kings, just like other strategy games, you can create, develop, and manage a border empire. To do this, you can build various buildings and create an exclusive civilization. Since these lands are involved in war, you must also take various measures to counter threats. If you only think about defense, not only will you lose your chance to reach the throne, but you will always become a prey for others. So, you must fill the borders of your kingdom with defensive forces and use offensive forces to attack enemies. In Rise of the Kings, you can help develop your empire by looting others’ resources. In the game, you can also ally with other kingdoms to participate in team battles. If you join other alliances, you must support them at all times, and if one of your allies is attacked, rush to help them. Otherwise, your team score will decrease, and your rank will be under the spotlight. Throughout the game, Rise of the Kings, you can use hundreds of different items to build and manage your army. You must try to become the first and last king of these lands! Usroid invites fans of online strategic games to download the tested version of this game from the download section by providing and publishing the latest update of the Rise of the Kings game. Rise of the Kings has registered more than 10 million downloads on Google Play and has also achieved a score of 4.4 out of 5.0.

Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it. Copy the com.and.riseofthekings folder to the Android/obb directory of your device’s internal memory.