Ristar Full v4.1.1 Unlocked – Ristar nostalgia game from Sega company for Android +
full and unlocked trailer of the game presented to you – Introduction for the first time
tested with a completely offline run

Ristar Full is a memorable, fun and different game of Ristar from the popular game studio SEGA for tablets and phones with Android smart operating system, which was released for free on Google Play hours ago, and again, as always, the decision We decided to introduce it to you for the first time in Iran and to delight nostalgia game lovers once again! This game was released by Sega in 1995 for its Genesis devices and now we are seeing the release of the Android version! Ristar Full game in terms of mechanism, gameplay and design level is a mixture of famous Sonic and Super Mario games.Is where the control and guidance of the main character is in your hands! The touch buttons on both sides of the screen allow you to move to both sides and do various tasks such as jumping, grabbing items and enemies, and so on! Like the games mentioned, you move from the left side of the screen to the right, on the way you will encounter a wide range of enemies that you have to drag them one after the other and collect the available items! If you are a fan of old and classic games , do not miss Ristar in any way!


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Ristar Full game currently has a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 in the Play Store and has been downloaded more than 5,000 times in less than 72 hours, and we have put the full version for you on Usroid ! General features of Ristar Full game can be explored such as six different planets; Confrontation with specific bosses on each planet; A wide range of enemies to pass or destroy; Includes hundreds of challenging stages; Good touch controllers and excellent build overall. You can first view images and trailers of the gameplay and download it with one click if you wish.

Note: Ristar is available for free on Google Play but is incomplete; So that after passing a few steps, it will send you a request to pay dollars to open the episodes and you will be deprived of continuing the game, but in Usroid, the full version of the game called Ristar Full is available, which does not require payment and is complete. .

Changes in version v4.1.1:

* No changes have been mentioned for this version on Google Play.