Robotics v2.3.2 + Mod – Entertaining action game “Robotics” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (free purchase) separately
Tested by running online

Robotics – رباتیک is a very beautiful and well-made game with a simple yet highly creative idea, which has been released as a free game by the British studio ZeptoLab for the Android operating system. After reviewing the new version of this game, Usroid has provided it for download along with an exclusive modified version. Robotics is an action game, but its gameplay style and context are of the arcade and puzzle type. In this game, you are the owner of a robot that initially has two legs. Your task is to determine how to move the legs or arms of this robot according to an official pattern, so that your robot moves according to that pattern. This part of the game is well taught to you in the first run and in the initial training of the game. How to draw this pattern entirely depends on your creativity. You should know that in the Robotics game, everything is made according to physical principles and realistic movements. This means that no matter how you design these patterns, the robot also moves in response to those patterns. This is the first part of the game and after you have determined the desired pattern for your robot, you enter the main part, which is the game challenges that are designed in various shapes and forms. The first challenge you face is paths that make your movement forward harder with boxes and similar items. Therefore, you have to determine movement patterns for your robot that can pass over these obstacles according to physical principles.




Another section of the game Robotics is related to battles between your robot and other robots. In this section, you must enter a limited space and face a similar robot. The main priority in these competitions is to destroy the opponent before they can destroy you. However, you cannot have such a confrontation in normal mode. So, you need to equip your robot with various weapons, including heat weapons, laser weapons, and other weapons. Even the way your weapon arm shakes, like your robot, requires a special pattern. Therefore, you need to analyze and execute the best possible state at each stage. To become more familiar with the overall gameplay, you need to spend a few minutes in the game and complete the tutorial to understand the game better. In addition to battle equipment, with the money you earn, you can upgrade your robot or personalize it with various skins. According to the game’s creator, there is even a PvP section that you need to complete a few stages of the main sections to unlock. Robotics game brings a completely dynamic experience with excellent graphics and even more attractive gameplay. So, if you’re looking for a different, entertaining, and action-packed game, don’t miss Robotics game and download its latest version along with the mod version from the Usroid download box.