Rock Identifier: Stone ID Premium 2.3.12 – Android App for Identifying Various Types of Rocks and Minerals
The complete premium version of the app, worth $29.99, is now available in Iran for the first time.

The Earth is made up of various types of rocks, some of which are millions of years old and can be very valuable. However, geology enthusiasts are constantly trying to identify different rocks and increase their knowledge in this field. Unfortunately, there is no specific source on the internet to access information about rocks, but if you are also interested in them, join us in this post. Rock Identifier: Stone ID is the title of an application for identifying various types of rocks and minerals developed by Next Vision Limited for Android and published on Google Play. Whether you are a student, a geology professor, or a crystal enthusiast, whatever you need to know about identifying rocks is provided by the software. This startup connects you to a rich database of information on rocks, minerals, and crystals, and helps you access comprehensive information about them. To identify the rocks you are interested in, simply run the program and take a picture of it through the camera; artificial intelligence quickly checks the existing database and provides you with complete information about that rock. Currently, this Android app supports more than 6,000 rocks and minerals, which is unique in its kind. If you know the name of the rock you are looking for, the advanced search system allows you to search for its name and find specific additional information about it. The development team has tried to provide information as understandable and complete as possible, to the extent that the price of special and valuable rocks is also displayed to you. Create a list of your favorite rocks and minerals to access the information you need anytime, anywhere, so you never get confused. In addition to the information provided, various pictures are also displayed to help you identify similar rocks in any situation.

Some features and capabilities of the Rock Identifier: Stone ID Android app:

  • Quick, easy and painless identification of stones with just one image
  • Support for identifying various types of stones, minerals and precious crystals
  • Comprehensive information about stones such as type, date of origin, color, hardness level, chemical formula and more
  • A rich database of various types of stones
  • Support for over 6000 different stones worldwide
  • Create a list of your favorite stones and crystals
  • Search through the database without the need to register images of stones
  • A very simple and attractive user interface

The Rock Identifier: Stone ID app, with a large database of geological information, has been released by its developer for free with in-app purchases of $29.99, and has received a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating from users. You can now download the latest premium version from the direct links on the Usroid website.


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