Rocket Valley Tycoon v1.0f Mod – Clichér and Recreational Game “Missile Capital” Android Trailer
Ordinary version of Mod version (unlimited money and points) tested separately
with offline execution

Rocket Valley Tycoon – The Missile Capitalist is a simple yet fun and rich game in the style of management games and clichés, produced by Iron Horse Games LLC, which specializes in making Idle Clicker games. And this time we decided to play another game for the first time among USA sites introduce your service to your loved ones and provide a normal and modified version for you, fans of click and play games. Launched under the full name Rocket Valley Tycoon – Idle Resource Manager Game on Google Play, the Capital Gaming Game is a management and strategy game that is offered in the category of recreational games and with the gameplay of cliché games. As the title suggests, you have to manage resources and construction and things like that. But your task in this game is more complicated than it seems. You play the role of a missile capitalist, and your company is known for building space missiles. But you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. That’s why you decide to travel to space with the same missiles and transfer your business to other parts of the galaxy!


Rocket Valley Tycoon


In Rocket Valley Tycoon – Idle Resource Manager Game You can help increase your revenue significantly by creating different colonies on different planets. You can create interesting and creative routes between the planets or use the special and valuable resources of these planets in the best possible way and finally create a huge empire for yourself! To do this, you need to manage and monitor the performance of forces and resources in several different departments. There are many things in this game that need your constant attention and momentary management. You can research different sciences by building different buildings such as technology research institutes or factories, on the one hand, and on the other hand, you can mass-produce various products and goods. To transport materials and resources, you need to build railways and train them by train. In Rocket Valley Tycoon – Idle Resource Manager Game, almost all sections can be upgraded, and it is up to you to carefully manage when and which items to update and upgrade! The game also has an interesting section where you can create new things by combining and merging resources. For example, you can use missile manufacturing resources to build and develop various missiles. This game with 100 thousand downloads and A score of 4.2 out of 5.0 is available to users on Google Play, but you can download the latest update in two versions, regular or modified, and tested from Usroid , and install this interesting game on your device.

V1.0f version changes:

* Troubleshooting the rejection of the training section
* Troubleshooting the bug without displaying part of the map