As you know, after working for a while with the dialer section and the default dial of the Android device, the user will get tired of it and its environment will be repeated. Looking for a more powerful dialer with wider possibilities and capabilities! To date, we have introduced various dialer applications with which you can change the dialer section of your phone and give it a new color and surface; Today we are going to introduce a smart and powerful dialer called RocketDial Dialer & Contacts ProWe have that with its unique features and very stylish and diverse themes, it fascinates every user! Are you looking for a specific audience in your existing contacts; With just one touch and the first letter of the contact name, you can list all the contacts in which the relevant character is! If you are one of the users who are tired of the call and dialer section of your mobile, the above software has been specially designed for you, with which you can add full capabilities to your dialer section, according to your taste and amazing themes. Personalize and optimize it somehow!

Some features, capabilities and features of RocketDial Dialer & Contacts Pro Android app:

* Having a very powerful search function to find contacts

* Ability to list the names of contacts based on the ability to find a number between 5000 numbers per second

* Including more than 10+ completely different and very stylish skins

* Ability to customize different parts of the contacts, including font, color, size and so on

* Supports Land s cape mode or landscape mode

* Ability to customize the dialer background according to your taste from the gallery

* Ability to back up all calls and restore in case of need

* Have a slide for switching between tabs just like ICS

* Event management with the ability to view all events and birthdays in one place

* Ability to sort contacts based on predefined parameters

* Manage groups by adding, deleting, ringtones for groups and more

* Having a very simple and classic user interface with extensive settings!

Dyalr powerful RocketDial Dialer & Contacts Pro now at the Play Store with a price of $ 3.99 on sales goes and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 , which we Usroid latest version of it that just a few days ago have been released for free Links We provide it directly to you…

 Changes in version v3.9.7:

* Added support for dual SIM
* Added new features
* Fixed a bug and improved app performance


Download RocketDial Dialer & Contacts Pro - a different dial for Android