Rogue Land v0.14.1 + Mod – fascinating action and role-playing game “Land of Rogue Heroes” for Android
Normal version + mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Rogue Land – Another creative Huuuge Games studio game – Play Together in action style – is a role-playing game that is offered for free but with in-app purchases and is available on Google Play for Android players around the world. Usroid has prepared the latest version of this game at the same time as it was released and has prepared it for download together with a modded version separately. This game, like dozens of similar titles in the same genre, has imitated famous games such as Archero and Tales Rush . This modeling has been done not only from the style of the gameplay, but also in the general structure of the game, including the type of graphics and designs, the story and even the naming of the titles and names of the game. What is clear, though, is that this style of gaming, which even big companies like SQUARE ENIX have pursued in making Tomb Raider: Reloaded , is a relatively new and popular genre for mobile gaming, and that’s the problem. It has caused the number of developers of this type of game to increase every year. Rogue Land game is made using the strengths of these games and provides a similar but fun and action process for the audience. Stay tuned to Usroid for an overview of the main features of this action game.


Rogue Land


Rogue Land is a title that perfectly combines two styles of action and role-playing. With a highly clichéd storyline, the game narrates the game’s adventure, according to which an ancient devil conquers the human world with an army of monsters, and his ultimate goal is to destroy humanity and all their lands. You are in the role of a group of heroes who have worked to contain this onslaught. You have to go to the enemy headquarters and destroy their monster forces. In this dangerous adventure, many challenges, threats and dangers await you and no one but a real and rebellious hero can overcome them. So prepare yourself for a risky adventure. You go to different parts during the game, but the general process and their shape and image are close to each other. The most important thing in Rogue Land is the skills and abilities that each hero acquires. The game is followed by moving the game character around and shooting enemies. You have to be careful of enemy attacks and try not to be harmed by timely reactions. Your enemies are different monsters, each with its own shape and characteristics. You also have to face big and dangerous bosses during Rogue Land. The game developer has said that the title is going to receive more content with successive updates so that the overall trend is always improving. For more familiarity with the game, you can watch the introductory video of the trailer and its screenshot images, and then download it through Usroid direct links.

Note: Spend money in the game mod version to see more and more instead of decreasing.