Roman Man v18 – app “my novel – the novel Persian” for Android
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A novel or a long story is a narrative text and a story written in the form of prose! If you look at the past, you will see that the novel has become one of the most important literary forms in the last 200 years. Many people are still interested in buying and reading new novels by going to bookstores; But it is better to know that the Android operating system has made access to novels free in addition to simplicity! Roman Man رمان من – دنیا رمان فارسیIs the title of an Iranian application for accessing dozens of different novels published by hawijapp for Android. This software with its wonderful database helps you to read your favorite novel for free at any time and place. All the novels in this startup are placed in 8 different groups that anyone can access according to their taste. Personalize the screen before you start reading and resize the fonts to enjoy a beautiful novel to the fullest. It is better not to miss this Persian app and to read it, follow us in the following.

Some features and capabilities of Roman Man Android application:

  • Access to dozens of Iranian novels for free
  • Ability to read novels completely offline
  • Categorize all novels into eight different groups
  • Mark your favorite novels
  • Ability to customize the application environment to suit your taste
  • Ability to view details and summaries of each novel
  • Share novels with your friends

Roman Man application with a set of various features and capabilities in the field of access to Iranian novels has been able to receive an extraordinary score of 4.5 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of downloads, which you can now download the latest version of the original from the links Get Usroid directly ; This program is introduced at your request dear ones.

V18 version changes:

* Fixed download problem for all users
* Re-added comments section at the request of users
* Ability to like and report other users’ comments


Roman Man