Root Call Blocker Pro v2.6.3.9 Cracked – a blacklisted call software for Android phones
Purchased and complete version worth $ 6.99 Dedicated to you dear ones

Root Call Blocker Pro is one of the most complete, best and most powerful applications for blocking voice calls, SMS and SMS from Fahrbot PRI Studio for Android devices, which is for people whose device is rooted! If you are one of the people who annoys you, control and manage unwanted calls with the wonderful $ 6.99 Root Call Blocker app, the latest update of which is in front of you, and get rid of annoying people on a regular basis! With the upcoming application, you can easily and in a simple and classic environment put all the annoying numbers or people you do not want to contact you in the blacklist so that they can never contact you again! The Root Call Blocker Pro app, despite its high price of $ 6.99Up to this moment, tens of thousands once purchased and topped the best program for which it applied to all people who are annoying phone offer! You can get the purchased and complete version with one click from Usroid servers!

Some features and capabilities of the Root Call Blocker Pro Android application:

  • Block calls without ringing or turning on the contact screen!
  • Having a dedicated call blocking widget for easy call blocking
  • Ability to customize notifications with vibration, ring tone and different LED colors
  • Having a powerful SMS auto replies function for automatic reply to SMS!
  • Having a powerful and accurate function to store blocked calls and hidden messages with a password
  • Ability to back up blocked calls in Google Drive and the famous Dropbox service
  • Having different functions of Silent / hidden operating mode, Encrypted backups and so on
  • Supports various languages ​​English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Chinese, Turkish

App, Root Call Blocker Pro is now Google has a rating of 5.0, 4.0 , which we have today in Usroid latest version of it for you and we can get it with a single click! As it is written in red at the top of the post, our version has been purchased and is complete, which you can use without any time limit.

 Note: As mentioned, this application requires your Android device to be rooted!

 Changes in version v2.6.3.9:

* Fixed multiple problems and performance improvements


Root Call Blocker Pro