Rosa’s Garden 3.0 – Fun simulation game “Rosa’s Garden” Android + trailer
Full and purchased version of the game for $ 2.99 Presented to you dear ones
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Rosa’s Garden is a beautiful and simple game in the style of simulation games from Charlotte Madelon game development studio for Android devices, which is priced at $ 2.99.It has been published on Google Play and today we are going to introduce the latest complete and purchased version in the presence of you, the followers of this style of games. In this calm and poetic game, you have to cultivate beautiful flowers by planting different seeds using the space you have. Find the seeds of different flowers by shaking the plants and exploring the garden, and by creating holes, plant the seeds in them so that they grow quickly and give a special beauty to your garden. Also, by combining different flowers, it will be possible for you to make new seeds to give more beauty to your garden. If you are a fan of simulation games and you are interested in this game, download it now and after experiencing it, tell us what is the value of getting it ?!


Rosa's Garden


Game Rosa’s Garden has a small number of Google purchased by Android users around the world and rating Excellent 5.0 from 5.0 also has won. This game will allow you to explore the garden by swiping your finger on the screen, without the need to use any buttons and directions, and will create holes and eventually cultivate seeds. The game’s graphics are excellent in terms of size and will make it possible to plant more than 40 different types of plants more attractive to you than before. You can first watch the pictures and video gameplay of the game and then, if you wish, download the full and purchased version for free from the high-speed Usroid servers .

Changes in version v3.0:

* Added info button along with game instructions to learn how to play the game