Rubika v3.1.1 – Latest Update for Rubika App – Iranian Media Reference for Android
Original / Official / Package of Rubika App with over a million downloads

Accessing a collection of information in only one comprehensive environment is one of the requests of smartphone users that helps save a lot of time in addition to volume. Watching clips, playing music, making electronic payments, and … are just some of the daily activities that users do through their devices. Therefore, we intend to introduce you to a native and extraordinary app. Rubikaروبیکا is the title of a completely Iranian / national application for accessing a collection of media, including entertainment, financial, social networking; messaging and … developed and published by PSKY for Android. According to the developer, in this super app, you can access a world of multimedia files and run each of them with just one touch. Various services are collected in this software, and one of the most popular ones can be considered an extensive database of movies and series, which helps you to be entertained for hours in your free time. Don’t forget to use the payment service and do many activities excellently without leaving your home. Finally, it should be noted that using this startup app for owners of Hamrah-e-Aval and Irancell SIM cards will not incur any costs.

Some features and capabilities of the Rubika Android app:

  • Access to a vast database of various movies and TV series
  • A list of recommended and popular movies
  • Digital payment services to facilitate banking activities
  • An intelligent interactive network for direct communication with TV programs
  • Access to a wide world of diverse music
  • A comprehensive source of electronic and network education
  • Media service for live TV broadcasting
  • The ability to replay TV programs without any restrictions

The Rubika application, with the use of various features and a collection of capabilities in a comprehensive environment, has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 with 5 million downloads by Iranian users on Google Play. You can now download the latest version of it from the direct links on the Usroid website. We always provide the latest update of the application.


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