RubikCalcPRO: Programmable Calculator (PRO) v2.5 – Application for creating a dedicated Android calculator
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Using calculators is one of the best ways to quickly get answers to your questions or calculations. Usually, there is a special calculator for each type of calculation or conversion that users will be able to use by searching in the Android Market. But sometimes it is observed that some such tools do not exist or that the developer has put a lot of price on his tools! RubikCalcPRO: Programmable Calculator (PRO) AndroidIs the title of a dedicated calculator application developed by Wisebay Solutions and published on Google Play. As can be seen from the title of the post, this software helps its users to create custom calculators according to their needs and have access to a quick response to their calculations. You do not need to know programming science to create special computational formulas, and everything you can imagine is on display. Save created calculators to perform math, physics, or chemistry calculations as needed without any waste. In addition, in the version published by Usroid, a wonderful feature is also available that allows the user to see the step-by-step solution of their questions.

Some features and capabilities of RubikCalcPRO: Programmable Calculator (PRO) Android:

  • Create your own calculator with a specific formula
  • View the result of calculations in real time on the screen
  • Save your calculators to use at any time
  • Supports a variety of logarithmic and trigonometric functions
  • Find step-by-step solutions to your questions
  • Access to both tabular and chart modes

Application RubikCalcPRO: Programmable Calculator (PRO) to take advantage of the features and functionality variety of it could be $ 4.99 to a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 by users, Google Play downloads, which can now use the newest version purchased it from the web site Usroid downloaded. In our version all the features are available.


RubikCalcPRO Programmable Calculator (PRO)