RunGPS Trainer UV Pro Full v3.4.2 – GPS sports application full of Android features
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Introduction for the first time in Iran

A large part of sports activities consists of running sub-exercises that millions of people do every day and try to get fit and fit by doing them. But sometimes knowing some information can increase your motivation to exercise and help you gain a deeper understanding of how active you are. RunGPS Trainer UV Pro Full is one of the best tools available for outdoor activities, developed by eSymetric GmbH for Android and published in the large Google Play Market. This software with a set of unique features allows users to view the routes traveled on the map and with access to a powerful dashboard of options such as distance traveled, average speed, duration of exercise and… Be informed. Existing sophisticated algorithms store all activities with high accuracy and provide you with results anytime, anywhere. One of the most widely used features included in GPS GPS is voice navigation support, so that all available information is announced by the text-to-speech engine and the audio system is activated if any guidance is needed.

Some features and capabilities of RunGPS Trainer UV Pro Full Android app:

  • Special and professional algorithm to record all your activities with high accuracy
  • Navigation system for runners and cyclists
  • Voice navigation with powerful text-to-speech engine support
  • Automatically download and save maps over the web
  • Sports analysis by with the ability to compare yourself with others
  • Ability to create, download and manage training programs
  • Weekly and monthly analysis
  • Calorie report
  • Connect to Bluetooth 2.0 heart rate monitors
  • Recognize how long you pause during exercise


RunGPS Trainer UV Pro Full application with a set of powerful tools for outdoor sports enthusiasts has been able to get a score of 3.6 out of 5.0 with its price of $ 8.92 by the big market of Google Play, which you can now buy the latest version Download it from Usroid website.


RunGPS Trainer UV Pro Full