Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My Running v1.1.9 – Weight loss application with running for Android
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Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My RunningTitle is a running and walking weight loss application developed by Leap Fitness Group and published on Google Play. Activities such as running or walking are one of the main reasons for increasing the body’s metabolism. On the other hand, increasing metabolism increases fat burning and helps you lose weight in a short time. But the point that many people do not pay attention to is running without planning! If we can not have a specific plan for our workouts, we will undoubtedly face various problems along the way. If you are one of those people who spend a few minutes a day running or walking, then you must have wondered who can help you in this way ?! Well, of course, many coaches around the world can help you reach your goals; But to find an experienced coach you have to pay a lot of money. For this purpose, you can get help from smart assistants to save your money! Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My Running is the same program that can help your loved ones achieve your goals. All you have to do is mark the path or run and start your exercises. The above startup has special features and capabilities that we will cover in the rest of this post.

Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My Running is the best option for weight loss in a short time

Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My Running is one of the best options available for weight loss in a very short time. As we mentioned in the initial description, this software will guide you on your weight loss path. There are several different modes of weight loss that can be achieved by running and walking. All you have to do is mark your route on online maps and start running. One of the most important features of the academy is the speed that accompanies you at all times to achieve your goals. In this academy, you will be able to significantly increase your running speed and endurance over time.

data analysis

Of course, there are other applications in the field of weight loss with the help of running or walking in the Android Market, but the point that should be considered is to provide information and statistics with the help of Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My You get it running. This application intelligently collects all the information and statistics provided and after professional analysis, provides you with great information. The most important of these are walking and running time, mileage, average speed and even your training routes. Users can also share this information with their friends on social networks or messengers to create a sense of competition.

Setting goals is the best way to stay motivated

The point is that the Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, makes Map My Running more prominent than its competitors; It is a part of setting a goal to do exercises. This will help you, dear ones, to consider running and exercising as a positive habit in your life and you will never give it up. Apart from all these features, many people who start running to lose weight do not have much desire to work with their smartphone while running; For this reason, a set of audio feedback is provided for you dear ones, which as a virtual trainer can help you achieve your goals.

Some features and features of Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My Running Android:

  • Planned weight loss with the help of running and walking
  • Have a comprehensive and purposeful plan to lose weight in a short time
  • Display comprehensive information such as speed, distance traveled, calories burned and…
  • Set monthly and annual goals to build good, lasting habits
  • Specify walking and running directions on Google Maps
  • Clever audio feedback
  • Provide complete information from the analysis of all your workouts at specific intervals
  • Sync information with other users’ Android smartphones
  • Improving sports patterns with the help of analysis
  • Share jogging and hiking trails with your friends

Application Running App – Run Tracker with GPS, Map My Running to benefit from the features and capabilities of their diverse by the developer it for free along with the interstitial 41.99 dollars publish Rating 4.9 out of 5.0 by users received . Now you can download the latest premium version of it without any restrictions from the direct and high-speed servers of Usroid website .


Running App - Run Tracker with GPS, Map My Running