Sleep Better with Runtastic v2.6.1 Unlocked – a great application to improve the sleep state of Android,
full and unlocked version with all the features and facilities
requested by users

Runtastic Sleep Better One of the best and most popular sleep status control and management applications from Runtastic Team Studio for AndroidHas been released for free with in-app payments in the big Google market and its free version has been downloaded +5 million times by Android users around the world so far, and now we intend to introduce the full and paid version. All its features are available! How Sleep Better works, while simple, is one of the most different and also the most interesting mechanisms we have seen in mobile applications! By entering Sleep Better, you will be asked to place your mobile on a flat surface and calibrate it; After a day of hard work and the arrival of night and bedtime, you should set the clock for tomorrow morning and put your mobile phone under your pillow while it is connected to the charger! Before going to bed, if you have heavy activity or stress, have eaten late, have not slept in your usual place or have drunk a lot of coffee, it is better to select its icon in the application!

Some features and capabilities of Runtastic Sleep Better Android application:

  • Track sleep time, cycle and productivity with one button
  • Use smart alerts to wake up at the ideal time
  • Enjoy a variety of smart alerts such as snooze
  • Introduce daily habits such as caffeine consumption , stress and so on
  • Optimized for all Android tablets and phones
  • Share sleep status via Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email
  • Provide dozens of other interesting and useful features and capabilities

When you wake up in the morning, because your cell phone is under your pillow, Sleep Better analyzes your movements before going to bed. ; It then collects information about your dreams during the week by asking questions about your mood and dreams or nightmares that you can plan better for your sleep by looking at the charts and statistics! Also, after you have recorded the sleep information of several nights in Sleep Better, by activating the smart watch, from now on, the application will detect the appropriate amount of sleep for you and will wake you up when you have enough sleep. You can download Sleep Better for free for Android operating systems from Fars high-speed servers Download and have a better plan for your dreams!

Changes in version v2.6.1:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes + new features.


Download Runtastic Sleep Better - Android sleep control and management program