Rusty Lake Hotel v3.0.1 – An incredibly beautiful and popular puzzle game for Android
Price of $1.99 on Google Play – Full version of the game offered to you, dear ones
Tested with completely offline execution
Special offer

As we have said many times before, Rusty Lake series of games are among the most beautiful, unique, and popular puzzle games for Android. Different versions of the game have been introduced on Usroid and have attracted the attention of thousands of people. After introducing different versions of the “Rusty Lake” series, it is now time to introduce and offer Rusty Lake Hotel, which, with its extraordinary design and construction, will once again excite puzzle, intellectual, and puzzle game lovers! Rusty Lake Hotel – Lake Bell: Hotel is a lovable, special, and incredibly beautiful puzzle game in the style of puzzle games from the Rusty Lake gaming studio for Android, which was released on Google Play for $1.99 and has been purchased by Android users worldwide about a hundred thousand times so far. We have decided to introduce the latest purchased and complete version to you and excite you once again! The game Rusty Lake Hotel has been introduced by its developer as follows: “Dear guests, welcome to the Lake Bell Hotel! Be sure to have a pleasant stay here! We will have 5 dinners this week! Are you sure these dinners are worth your life?” In the game, like other versions, various puzzles and challenges await you, and you have to overcome them and enjoy its extraordinary story!


Rusty Lake Hotel


The game Rusty Lake Hotel is now available on the Play Store with an outstanding rating of 4.7 out of 5.0. At Usroid, we have provided the latest and final version of the game for free download. You can first view images and gameplay videos and then, if you wish, download it with just one click from our high-speed servers. Finally, like other games available on our site, Rusty Lake Hotel has been tested by us and runs without any problems. You can download this enjoyable game for free and be engaged in a special game for days, while enjoying an up-to-date website called Usroid.

* Fixing bugs and various optimizations.