[S.Graph: Calendar clock widget v5.17 [Pro – Graphic and visual application for daily planning Android
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One way to achieve success is to have a detailed plan for all your daily activities that helps you get closer to your goals in a completely standard way. There are several ways to have a detailed plan, one of the best of which is to use Android applications. Usroid site, as one of the best Persian language Android sites so far, has provided various software to its users, and we intend to provide you with one of the best in this post. S.Graph: Calendar clock widget Pro UnlockedTitle is a smart and extremely graphic application in the field of personal planning for Android, which was developed and published by Laboratory 27. The existing graphic system and its application diagrams allow its users to see a complete overview of all their plans at any time and follow them with double motivation. One of the most used features included in SGraph is the countdown to starting new tasks, which makes you not neglect them and do them on time.

Some features and capabilities of S.Graph: Calendar clock widget Android:

  • Daily and detailed planning for all your activities
  • Managing work activities and personal accounting
  • View a timeline of all events added to the app
  • Great graphic system to view all tasks added to the software
  • Manage your air and land travel schedules
  • Countdown and recall all activities
  • Monitor all events even while driving!
  • Application widgets to manage the program without running it

Application S.Graph: Calendar clock widget has managed to be one of the best software in the field of planning daily active with more than one million downloads rating of 5.0, 4.7 and Google Play users can now receive a new Get the most professional version of it from Usroid popular site.

Note: In the new version, the name of the program has been changed to Sectograph Planner & Time manager on clock widget.


S.Graph Calendar clock widget Pro