S4 Water Pool PRO is the most beautiful, popular, and entertaining pool wallpaper on the Android market, designed for Android tablets and smartphones. With various themes of riverbed and displaying different and beautiful fish, this wallpaper brings the most amazing live wallpaper to your mobile phone and doubles the beauty of your phone screen with its beautiful effects.

The sound of water and interactive design have come together to offer you the most beautiful live wallpaper for your phone. This background image is designed to be completely interactive so that by tapping on the screen, you can create waves in the water and experience excitement in every sense!

Some of the features of the S4 Water Pool PRO Android wallpaper:

* Possibility to choose mosaic, stone flooring, and gravel bed for pool floor

* Having 9 different and very beautiful fish with the ability to be selected by the user

* Adjusting the wavelength with the possibility of selecting low, medium and high

* Possibility to add leaves and plants to the pool for more beauty

* Raindrops falling on water to create a more beautiful effect

* Displaying shadows of plants and fish to enhance the beauty of water

The incredibly beautiful S4 Water Pool PRO live wallpaper is now on sale for $1.49 in the Play Store, but Usroid offers the latest version for free, and you can get it with just one click by visiting the continuation of the article, where you can also see some pictures of its environment.


Download S4 Water Pool PRO - wonderful river wallpaper for Android



Download S4 Water Pool PRO Android Apk



Download S4 Water Pool PRO Android Apk